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Texas Cartage Warehouse, Dallas TXThank you for choosing to visit Texas Cartage Warehouse. We are a full service public warehouse and transportation provider located in Dallas, Texas. Established in 1940, Texas Cartage has proudly met the logistics needs of large and small shippers alike. We realize the shipping public is engaged in a fierce competitive market! Thus, we are ready to offer transportation, distribution, and warehouse services that will ensure a competitive edge. 
"...a tradition of service." As one of Texas' largest and oldest warehouse companies, our customers look to us to meet their needs quickly, efficiently, and economically. Click here now to get the service and experience you've been looking for! 
Whether you need freight consolidation, warehousing, distribution, or simply great service, you'll see why our clients won't go anywhere without us!

12344 E. Northwest Highway
Dallas, Texas 75228
(214) 320-3200
(214) 320-9103

Proud Members of:

Texas Warehouse AssociationInternational Warehouse Logistics Association
American Chain of Warehouses